String Mops




Published On: April 24, 2016


String mopheads are useful for those bigger jobs, like cleaning an unfinished basement or garage floor. But there are different kinds of string mops to choose from. Here is a guide to string mopheads.

  • Cotton mopheads are very absorbent and work well for cleaning water on hard floors (tile, wood, concrete, etc.).
  • Rayon mopheads are stronger and release liquids more effectively. They work very well for applying finishes and using harsh cleaning products.
  • Synthetic mopheads are very strong and so they are a good choice in cleaning rough surfaces.
  • Blended mopheads (rayond and polyester and sometimes cotton) are the most durable. They are multipurpose tools.

Using the right mophead will make the job easier and the cleaning more effective.