Bathrooms can be a particular challenge in cleaning. For one thing, bathrooms often have areas that are easy to overlook, like behind toilets and in the tight spaces behind the base of the chrome hardware on many sinks. I make sure to do a thorough job on those sometimes-overlooked areas and have the tools that allow me to do it.
Another overlooked area is grout. I have some special chemicals that are good with grout, though grout is sometimes stained and not possible to return to perfection without specialized restoration methods.

Sometimes bathrooms need a thorough going over if they’ve accumulated dirt and grime over a period time. This can happen without people even knowing it. For instance, in older homes painted walls can get a subtle sheen of grime, combining the dust that naturally accumulates with the steam from showering. And tile floors can turn dingy from the daily traffic so gradually that it is hardly noticed. I’m prepared to get your bathroom up to speed.

Another challenge with bathrooms is that they are, of course, places where germs accumulate. In the 1980s and 90s not so much attention was paid to “hygiene,” a word more reminiscent of the 1930s and 40s. But concern about hygiene has made a comeback in the 21st century because of the increase in the severity of infectious illnesses.

I am trained in current protocols for hygienic cleaning. I wear gloves when cleaning bathrooms to prevent contamination to other areas of the house. I use cleaning cloths and products that remove a high degree of all dirt and germs and I pay special attention to high-touch areas that tend to pass on germs, like light switches and door knobs.

In sum, your bathroom will not only shine, it will be really clean!


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