Eco-Friendly Cleaning

I do a first-rate job using almost entirely natural, non-toxic cleaning products to safeguard your family’s health and benefit the environment. My years of experience have shown me that natural and nontoxic cleaning products are usually very effective, leaving surfaces clean and sanitized while being much less harmful than harsh chemicals. Occasionally, I run into a tough job where green products can’t get the job done. Here I have a few commercial go-to’s I like to use in a pinch–letting the client know ahead of time if it might be a concern.

I research my standard house cleaning products to ensure they are nontoxic, biodegradable, and not tested on animals.

I also try use cleaning tools that are not highly damaging to the environment. Most recently, I’ve switched from microfiber cloths back to cotton since microfibers have started to become a problem in terms of the particles they leave in the oceans.

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"I've been delighted with the friendly, efficient, fair-priced service I've gotten from Blue Spruce. I'd recommend I'd recommend Blue Spruce to anyone who needs help keeping their house clean."
D. Turner
“Many people would hesitate ‘signing’ their work. David could easily do so.”
Clifton House Nursing Home
"Excellent home cleaning. David is a thoughtful, dedicated person who I would highly recommend. He’s flexible and accommodating—and its such a relief to see a shiny clean house by the end of his visit!"
T. Evans
"The Blue Spruce Company has consistently provided the highest level of maintenance services to our properties. The attention to detail is unsurpassed."
J. Patrick Company
"I had a number of house cleaners that came out of the gate strong, and over a few weeks went right down the tubes. My last one was settled through the BBB. I met David, and he’s the man. He is timely, organized, and as thorough as I have ever seen. He has a system of his own that assures that nothing gets missed. He is service oriented, which is hard to find anymore. I would recommend his services to everyone!"
S. Collier

Chemical Sensitivities

Though my products are nontoxic and biodegradable, some of them do have a mild scent. I am glad to make adjustments to accommodate people with sensitivities.

Nontoxic Products

These are the routine cleaning products I currently use: Bon Ami cleanser, Method Bathroom Cleaner, Ecover Bathroom Cleaner. Simple Green Stone Cleaner, 7th Generation Glass Cleaner, distilled water (for floors).

I Bring My Own Supplies

Vacuum cleaner too! You don’t need to provide any cleaning products or tools.