I take pride in Blue Spruce and the work I do. My clients value my high quality cleaning. I take on large and small jobs in Minneapolis and St. Paul (plus St. Louis Park and parts of Golden Valley and Edina) and I’m glad to perform all or part of my clients’ cleaning needs. I specialize in regular, periodic house cleaning (from weekly to monthly), but I also take on one-time cleaning projects when availability permits. I do routine cleaning (kitchens, bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming, and mopping) and I also do deep cleaning and heavier projects as needed. I do my best to accommodate your needs. The cleaning I do is thorough. When I dust, I routinely do all surfaces from top to bottom—from ceiling edges and door frame tops down to the baseboards. When I vacuum, I get under beds and couches where possible, move light furniture and small rugs, and vacuum lamp shades. When I mop, I remove items from the floor. Here is a list of my standard cleaning routine categorized by room as well as the special projects I do. This basic list is customized for every client. Call Now 763-498-2638


  • clean countertops & small appliances
  • scour sink
  • spot clean cabinet fronts
  • clean stove & refrigerator tops & fronts
  • clean out microwave (optional)
  • vacuum & mop floor


  • scour sink & clean countertops
  • clean and sanitize toilet
  • scour tub & shower
  • clean mirrors
  • spot clean tile wall
  • vacuum & mop floor


  • dust all surfaces
  • eliminate cobwebs
  • wipe off fingermarks from door frames & light switches
  • vacuum rugs & floor
  • mop floors (optional outside kitchen & bathrooms)
  • empty wastebaskets


  • basement cleaning
  • garage cleaning
  • home move outs
  • clean inside refrigerators
  • clean ovens
  • and much more…