Cloudy Glasses

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Published On: September 30, 2022

One more for the white vinegar!

I look through a lot of blogs to learn about cleaning methods. Here is one blog that stands out from the rest for the simple reason that it really considers what you need to know to make the process work! A simple premise: white vinegar cleans cloudy glasses. But here are the loving details to round out the picture:

  • White vinegar works as a cleaning agent when you warm it up!
  • How do you warm it up? By putting the bottle (or a cup of  it) in the sink with the drain stopped, filled with warm water,
  • Give it time (an hour)
  • Remove the softened deposits with a nylon sponge or mesh
  • How do the spots get there? Mineral deposits from air drying in the dish washer.
  • What to do? Hand wash glasses or get a mineral softener.

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