How to Make a Superior Dust Wand

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Categories: For All & Sundry




Published On: March 3, 2023

After years of experimenting, here is the DIY dust want I’ve found that is superior to ones commercially available. It combines two common duster types to create a hybrid.

Start with a Swifter duster that you can get at Target or many hardware stores. It is a wonderful design with a retractable stem as well as a button that allows you to position the dust catching area at different positions. The main problem with this contraption is that it relies on disposable dust catching material, so it’s not very environmentally friendly.

So, next, buy a “fringe duster,” available at janitorial supply houses as well as some retail stores that sell cleaning products. This has a handle about a foot long and another foot that is lined with plastic fringe. It’s excellent at catching dust and lasts a long long time.

Cut about half of the handle using a wire cutter (you need that because there is metal inside the plastic handle). Cut just enough that what you have left–which is most of the duster, can sit cradled between the two prongs of the Swifter duster where those prongs just as they emerge from the base.

Take two thick rubber bands and cut them. Use them to tie the fringe duster to the Swifter duster. Time them tightly.

You’re good to go!.