A Rare Find




Published On: April 27, 2021


if you are an aficionado of cleaning this will be a treat. Otherwise, probably not. In my many years of cleaning the best general bathroom cleaner I’ve found is one made by Ecover. It’s made with nontoxic ingredients and is extremely effective, even on really tough soap scum. They use to sell it in all the co-ops. I used to pick it up frequently, as part of my regular cleaning toolkit. But they stopped selling it about ten years ago. 

I looked and looked for an equivalent but wasn’t able to find a nontoxic cleaner that really took on the heavy jobs in the same way. But… I discovered that they do sell it in England, where it is made. I do order from there and continue to use it, quite happily. So if you are a cleaning aficianado, you can go to


to order it for yourself!