Another Efficiency Tip




Published On: March 8, 2021


Here is another installment in my occasional series on efficiency in cleaning. These principles are also applicable to other activities. Today’s topic is working with your body. Often efficiency is thought about strictly in terms of the task at hand–conceptually breaking down its parts to consider the labor-saving possibilities in each. This is of course very helpful but one also wants to consider the way one’s own body works when thinking things through.

A simple example is the order in which you clean a house. I enjoy cleaning but I do find that I get tired over the course of cleaning a home. So I set about a cleaning job by starting with those tasks that benefit from having high energy, which I have at the beginning. Most often, and especially in larger homes, this involves dusting and then vacuuming the entire home first off. This allows me to work faster and to get less tired over the course of the cleaning. 

Whatever the activity, a little attention to how your body works can save time and energy and make the task more comfortable.