Cleaning and Craeft continued




Published On: October 7, 2019


So here’s a thought. Craeft is about ecology. It is how humans sustain themselves in a reciprocal engagement with their local environment. But the potential for that kind of engagement is very limited in the modern world. For us, ecology is mostly a concept or an engagement with the wider world based on a concept.

For instance, I have been trying to make my business more ecologically sound by switching from microfiber cloths to natural fiber cloths. This is helpful in an ecological sense. But it arises mainly from concerns I have, after reading some articles, about the health of the oceans. We live a thousand miles from the nearest ocean. The health of the oceans does effect our own well-being here in Minnesota, but not in any way that I can measure in my daily life. 

The same is true of efforts we might take to reverse climate change or to work on a host of other environmental problems. It seems that we’re sentenced, at least for the near future, to work on improving our ecological relationships to a large extent as an abstraction.