Cleaning the Bathroom Quick and dirty




Published On: September 4, 2018


Here’s a way to keep your bathroom looking nice in two minutes a day. This is more cosmetic than thorough but can be a help for busy people:

1) Keep surfaces as free of items as possible. Store things in the medicine cabinet and under the sink.

2) Each day, when you’re done with your morning wash, go over all wet or dirty surfaces with a good microfiber cloth that you store under the sink for the purpose. Use toilet paper to wipe the toilet surfaces. 

3) Every three days wipe out the bath with the same cloth.

4) Weekly, dampen the cloth and wipe down the floor. Now throw the cloth in with the laundry.

5) Weekly, use cleanser and a toilet brush to clean out the toilet bowl.

6) Have some cleanser and a sponge for more  periodic thorough tub cleaning. 

That’s it!