Construction Clean-Up Tips: Part 1




Published On: May 23, 2016


Cleaning up after construction or remodeling is a messy job but a satisfying one. You really feel the power of what a solid burst of energy can do to make things right again. First thing you need for construction clean up is strategy. Here are some questions to get you going:

1. Is it heavy cleaning involving debris removal and heavy concentrations of dust or more of a final going over to remove a thinner layer of dust? If the first, be sure to have a plan for discarding the debris. If it’s a lot, you may need to rent a dumpster.

2. Next, is the dust primarily from dry wall or from wood? If the first, you definitely need to use a shop vac because gypsum (dry wall dust) can gum up a regular vacuum cleaner. If the dust is wood but thick a shop vac is probably best here too.

3. Itemized your tasks: surface dust removal, glass cleaning, floor cleaning, anything else? Get the order of your procedures worked out. Since a shop vac in particular blows a certain amount of dust back, if there’s a lot of dust, then save the glass and possibly furniture wiping for last.

That should get you started.