COVID Precautions Update




Published On: June 29, 2021


In line with the new norms, I have eased up on my COVID precautions. I have had both my vaccinations so I’m not likely to be contagious to others. If clients have not had their vaccinations or there are children present who haven’t, I continue to wear a mask. Where that isn’t the case, I talk to my clients about their preferences. If they wish for us to wear masks while I’m at their house I continue to do so, but if they feel safe not wearing a mask (again, those who’ve been vaccinated), we don’t wear masks.

Two practices I have carried over into this post-pandemic time.First, during the pandemic, I was in the habit of using a different vacuum cleaner bag for each house I clean. I like the hygiene of that and continue to do it. Second, I wear rubber gloves for bathroom cleaning and kitchen cleaning (a different pair in each area). 

It’s nice to be a little freer after the year we had!