Mopping Large Areas in a House




Published On: January 8, 2020


How do you mop a large area of wood floor in the most efficient way? A string mop puts down too much water, and a microfiber mop requires that you change your mophead up to a dozen times, which is very time consuming. The solution: take a white towel, rinse it, then wring it out by hand. Then lay the towel flat on the ground and put the flat mop-head of a mop designed for microfiber mops down on it, flopping the extra towel material over the top of the mophead. The towel will give you one strip of it’s surface at a time in contact with the floor and, as that strip gets dirty, you can keep moving to a new strip of the towel. You can cover a lot of area with just one towel–even more if it’s not too dirty because you can use both sides.