Quick Organizing Tip




Published On: February 23, 2020


Here is an easy and effective way to keep down the clutter that often accumulates. If you’re in the habit of collecting unopened mail, unread magazines, and unlooked-through miscellaneous papers that pile up around the house, get yourself a couple boxes–you can get decorative ones at Target–and set them up in the spot where these unread items tend to most accumulate. One box is for things that need to be dealt with in the next few weeks. The second box is for things that you’re interested in but just not right now. 

At the very end of the year, go through the second box and see what you want to save and what you’re now willing to throw out. After months out of sight, chances are most of that content you’ll simply want to toss. This will keep things out of the way through the year and also cut down on the effort of mulling over whether you have time to deal with things each time they arrive in your home.