SHop Vac TIps




Published On: August 28, 2020


Here are a couple tips for when you purchase a shop vac if you’ve never bought one before. Most shop vacs have a cylindrical column sticking up in the middle of the interior where the air intake is. These come with an air filter that fits over it. But they also sell vacuum bags that attach to the interior wall at the point where the hose extends from it and wraps around the filter.

Are these necessary? The shop vac box doesn’t say that they are. But why are they even available? The answer to this arcane question in shopvacology is that they are not necessary because there is already the filter but they are a damn good idea. Without them, the filter will become a dusty, gunky mess in no time and you’ll have to make a cloud of dust to clean it. So do buy the vacuum bags. It will make the job a heck of a lot cleaner and easier.

Tip 2: Home Depot shop vacs, which I personally like a lot, require one simple Phillips screw driver to assemble.