Should a Person Hire a House Cleaner During the Pandemic?




Published On: July 22, 2020


​Understandably, many people right now are seeking to limit having outsiders coming into their homes. This is a smart precaution. But a professional house cleaner who uses proper safeguards not only minimizes the risk but adds protection against the pandemic through the services provided.   
First, a house cleaner must wear a mask and practice social distancing. I do this always when I clean. In addition, I have a thorough regimen that minimizes the dirt I bring in from the outside: I always wear disposal gloves, shoe covers, and plastic aprons over my clothes, and I use an assigned vacuum cleaner bag for each home that I clean. I also disinfect all tools that I use in a home before coming to the next home.
A professionally cleaned home is a good defense against the virus. I not only do a thorough cleaning, I disinfect the major touch points in a home (and am trained to do a thorough disinfection if the client wishes it).
Everyone must make their own choice in something like this but I would argue that hiring a conscientious house cleaner gives you a definite advantage against the virus.