Some Disinfecting Tips




Published On: December 28, 2020


COVID is spread primarily through the air as we all know. The virus does live on surfaces for a short time but expert opinion is that the chances of contacting it from a surface are very slim. Nonetheless it is recommended that surfaces be periodically disinfected as a ‘just in case’ measure. 

So here are some easy tips. Have some disinfecting wipes and some spray disinfectant on hand in the bathroom and kitchen, the two most important places to disinfect. 7th Generation makes a nontoxic version of both products. Once a week clean the high touch areas of these rooms  the wipes are good for handles, doorknobs, and light switches in both rooms. The spray is good for the tub, sink, and toilet in the bathroom and countertops and sink in the kitchen. If you’re motivated, you can also get the door knobs, handles, and light switched through out the house.