Wood Fiber Cleaning Cloths




Published On: August 18, 2019


When I started using microfiber cloths a few years ago, they were touted as the environmental way to clean because they don’t require chemicals. But I’ve recently learned how microfiber fabrics shed in the laundry and have contributed to a growing problem of micro plastics entering the oceans and also the food chain.

So I’ve been doing research into alternatives. And wood fiber cleaning cloths might just be the one, since they are also very thorough cleaning tools that pick up 99% of microbes without chemicals but are natural and easily biodegradable. In my research I’ve found, though, that you have to be careful about where the wood fiber is coming from. Some manufacturers use pulp from native trees in places like Indonesia that are slow growth and not easily replenished. But there are companies that use environmentally sound practices in their manufacture. Two companies that make these cloths, “Durafresh” and “Stonewall Kitchen,” have (by their own account) responsible manufacturing methods. I’ll let you know how the cloths work when I receive them and can try them.